Traditional camping has long been a fantastic outdoor activity for people looking for adventure and peace and quiet. Camp sites across the UK are packed with people all year round, from solo campers to families and friends enjoying what the outdoors has to offer. In Scotland, and some remote parts of England and Wales, wild campers will take advantage of secret and remote locations to enjoy the fresh air.  

We've all been through the trials and tribulations of setting up a tent with poles and pegs flying eveywhere, or worse not being able to find everything before you set off!

What's the alternative then? A campervan? A motorhome? A caravan? All perfectly good options but they can be very costly. We recently saw a new VW campervan retailing at over £60,000! 

Roof Cabin allows you to convert your car into a campervan, with a double memory foam mattress and 60 second setup time. This will completely revolutionise your camping experience and allow you to quickly take off in the car and head out on your adventure.

When you're done, you collapse down the tent and you can even leave your bedding inside for a speedy getaway! 

Once our customers set off on their first trip, they never look back and often become the talk of the camp site with eager campers asking about their Roof Cabin.

We really hope you can join our community of adventurers exploring the great outdoors in style and comfort. 

August 09, 2022 — Roof Cabin