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Will a Roof Cabin fit my vehicle?

Our Roof Cabins are designed to fit any vehicle, however the most important factor is the type of horizontal roof bars.

There are many options available but we would recommned you aim for roof bars that are at least 80cm wide. This means having 80cm of clear roof bar to mount your roof cabin to.

If in doubt, please contact us as we have fitted Roof Cabins to all sorts of vehicles from Mini Coopers to Transit vans.

What roof bars do I need?

Roof bars tend to fall into two catogeries.

Roof bars that clamp onto raised or flushed rails.

Roof bars that fit to a flat car roof and clamp onto the door frames.

Both are perfectly suitable for mounting a Roof Cabin.

We would recommend you speak to Mick's Garage [] and ask them for guidance. They specilaise in roof racks for roof tents.

Are the Cabins waterproof?

Absolutely. We have tried and tested our Roof Cabins in torrential rain and throughout the winter months.

Our tents come with a 2000mm PU membrane shell.

Waterproof SBS zips for additional rain protection

All seams are fitted with silicone sealant tape behind for further rain protection

What about weight limits?

Roof weight limits & roof rack limits are designed around your vehicle in transit.

I'll quickly explain the difference below between Dynamic & static weight limits.

Dynamic being in-transit. Your vehicles brakes, suspension, steering & weight distribution is designed around your roof's weight limit. If you were to overload in-transit you could make your vehicle dangerous to drive.

Static weight, being stationary. Hopefully that's the only time you'd be in your Cabin 😂. The static weight limit ratio is between 1:3 and 1:5 depending on vehicle. So Cabin + your party will be well within weight threshold.

Do I need to tell my insurance?

Any modification to your vehicle from exhausts to roof racks need to be declared to your insurance company. This is standard practice in the UK.

We recommend you speak to your insurer if you intent to make any modifications to your vehicle.


Can I view a Roof Cabin before buying?

Yes absolutely! We understand a Roof Cabin purchase requires careful thought and we would love to arrange demo.

We also have small army of amazing customers across the UK who would be more than happy to show you their Roof Cabin.

Please email the team on

What size should I buy?

Bigger is better, right?

Our Streamline Plus has an incredible 145cm wide double bed with memory foam mattress. This will transform your camping adventures and provide you with ample room for 2 people, plus a child [or a dog!]

Can I cancel my order?

We completely get it, we change our minds too! Once an order is placed you can request to cancel the order, if our delivery team hasn't collected the item we can cancel the order.

Once your order has been collected by our delivery team you cannot cancel the order.

You will have to return the order upon recieving the item, please be aware you will be responsible for the fee once the item is delivered. See our returns policy here.


Do you have installation guides?

Yes we do!

Installling a Roof Cabin is very straight forward.

Each cabin comes with three fixing rails which allow the fitting kit to clamp to your horizontal roof rails.

Whether you're a seasoned engineer or completely new to vehicle roof tents, you won't struggle to install a Roof Cabin.

Can I install it on my own?

Roof Cabins weigh in the region of 65KG, so it requires two people to lift the tent onto your chose vehicle.

We can offer free installation if you're close by to Peterborough or Berkhamsted.

Time to get friendly with the neighbours and recruit their help!

What tools do I need?


We supply a 13mm wrench with every order.

If you have access to socket wrench it can speed up the process but there's no need.

Delivery & Returns

We use a fast & free 2-man courier team.

How long till I recieve my order?

Between 5- 7 days.

The moment you place your order you will be contacted by our account management team.

They will make sure your after sales experience is 5 star. They will also arrange delivery with our courier team. You will receive a text message with a delivery date and time which you can accept or amend.

How long do I have to return?

We're super confident you will love you Roof Cabin. They have been designed carefully to allow you explore the outdoors with comfort and ease.

If you decide to return your Roof Cabin we can arrange collection by our courier team. Your refund will be processed once we recieve and inspect the tent, minus £150 delivery costs.

See our full returns policy here.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes we can. We have customers in Ireland, Jersey and across Europe.

If you're an international customer please get in touch with us so we can explore logistics with you.


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