So you're interested in fitting a Roof Cabin to your vehicle?
This article will help answer some of the important questions you've got. 
Roof tents are designed to elevate your camping  experience [literally]. They look like a traditional roof box or ski box and are designed to be areodyanmic, causing minimal disturbance to your driving experience. 
The air struts automatically power the tent upwards meaning your setup time is around 30 seconds, all you need to do is release the metal clasp and 4 straps. 

Inside you'll find a comfy 6cm thick memory foam mattress, the same size as a double bed.
A cargo net is located in the roof lining of the tent providing ample storage, and bedding and pillows can be left inside for a speedy getaway in the morning. 

Whether you drive a Land Rover or a Mini Cooper, the most important factor is the horizontal roof rack you fit to your vehicle. The Roof Cabin tents have three vertical aluminum rails which run front to back, clamping onto your horizontal roof rails using sliding mounts with M8 bolts.

Your roof bars need to be at least 80cm wide to fit a Streamline Plus - This means 80cm of clear space for the brackets. Most roof bar manufacturers will have a description which details the overall length and the distance between the mounting feet which connect to your roof [rails or flat roof]. 
The weight of the Roof Cabin is distributed across the entire length of your roof bars, so don't be put off by weight restrictions - These are recommendations from the manufacturer. 

All season? We've used our Streamline Plus all year round for the last 2 years, sleeping in minus 6 degrees. We woke up with frost on the outside of our sleeping bags, but were still toasty inside. We highly recommend gear from Snugpak for camping in the winter - They specialise in cold weather camping gear and have successfully provided equipment to the British Army for many years. 

Storage? If you have a garage or storage space, then you don't have to have your Roof Cabin as a permanent feature on your car. Many of our customers hide their tent away for the winter and re-fit it when Spring comes back around. 
Don't forget to let your tent air out every so often, just like a regular ground tent. 
If you can't make up your mind, we'd love to have a chat with you. We love our products and use them regularly. Your next adventure is just around the corner, so join Team Outdoors today 👍 

The Roof Cabin Team
August 16, 2022 — Roof Cabin